Lot's Wife

Presented at Philcon, November 2007


Additional Information

This was Thomas' only new costume of 2007, a very eventful year in other respects.

His inspiration came from attending the annual DuPont Circle High Heel Race in Washington, D.C. the year before, and a similarly-timed invitation to "Hallelujah Night" at a local church -- billed as an "alternative to Hallowe'en" and asking folks to "come dressed as a biblical character".

Thomas didn't dress up for Hallelujah Night, but managed to pull this outfit together for 2007's High Heel race, where he had a great time and had his picture taken by scores of rowdy spectators -- almost none of whom got the joke.

So he took it to Philcon a few weeks later, where he won Best in Show and the coveted "Spazzy" award, given by the New York/New Jersey Costumers' Guild for "sick and twisted humor".

As far as Thomas knows, he's the only person to interpret this character in this particular way -- but these folks were obviously thinking along the same lines.