Doctor Who



Additional Information

Thomas' most successful thrift-store costume to date.

Every major piece of this outfit was second-hand in some way, either inherited or found in thrift stores. The impetus for this (and for Don's Mad Hatter costume) was a Costumers' Guild tea party. Thomas hand-embroidered the question marks on the shirt collar.

Originally, this was intended to be some future incarnation of The Doctor, so elements were chosen which resembled many of his previous personae. In 2004, Thomas (with instruction from great friend Melissa Scott) knitted his own Doctor Who scarf to more closely resemble the fourth Doctor's. In keeping with the secondhand theme, the yarn for the scarf was inherited from Thomas' mother.

Thomas' favorite aspect of this costume is its capacity for little hidden accessories: sonic screwdrivers (old and new), TARDIS keys, yo-yo, Tibetan phrasebook, Jelly Babies, pocket watch, pocket sandglass, magnifying glass, recorder, tiny TARDIS (having trouble with its dimensional stabiliser, no doubt), stalk of celery, and slightly psychic paper.