Katunga: Outback Wizard



Additional Information

Thomas made this coat because he has always liked the style of the Olde West duster, and he had this magnificent fabric. It took forever to figure out a way to present this, but here's what we came up with, only a few minutes before he went onstage:

"Life, or Death: It is said that a soul must abide in one realm or the other. But in the deep Outback, where the ancient magicks still run strong in the land, there is a third choice. A soul might find itself in the Dreamtime -- and if strong enough, even a white man's soul can make its way along the paths of power without going eternally astray. Then he will gain dominion over the forces that shape the world.

"The Aborigines call such a soul Katunga, the Walking Ghost."

Don hastens to add that the whole thing has no basis in reality or mythology; it was all constructed, as it were, from whole cloth.

(Don also thinks this outfit needs a hat. But he's never been able to articulate what kind.)