Luke Skywalker Ten Years Later



Additional Information

This was Thomas' original design, based on Jedi robes seen in the Star Wars movies. We called it "Luke Skywalker: Ten Years Later," and here's how the presentation went:

Thomas came onstage, concealed with his black Jedi cloak and carrying the red box you see at his feet. He placed the box before him, then stepped back as if watching a hologram that floated just over the autdience's heads.

A female voice filled the auditorium:

"General Skywalker, I bring you greetings."

Thomas threw back his cloak, revealing the costume -- including the ominous-looking metal tracery covering part of his face.

The voice continued:

"Many years ago, you aided my mother against the Empire. Now she has need of you again."

Thomas opened the box, removed his lightsaber, and held it up as the voice finished:

"Help me, Luke Skywalker, you're my only hope."