Fridays at Ten



Additional Information

This presentation, a tribute to The Twilight Zone, won "Best in Show" at the 2001 Worldcon Masquerade in Philadelphia.

The costumes, all done in black-and-white (including makeup). were presented to the Manhattan Transfer's song "The Twilight Tone." Our twelve-member group portrayed Rod Serling and six separate vignettes paying homage to six Twilight Zone episodes: "To Serve Man," "The Invaders," "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder," "It's a Good Life," "Living Doll," and "Time Enough At Last."

The presentation ran a crisp 120 seconds, with an additional 30 seconds of exit music. We had rehearsed for two months beforehand, and the result was amazing. The crowd absolutely went wild -- clapping along with the music, cheering and applauding madly -- when we took the stage to receive our award, we received a standing ovation.

"Fridays at Ten" was presented and created by Amanda Allen, Michael Atkinson, Thomas Atkinson, Dan Corcoran, Deborah Feaster, Jeannette Holloman, Sharon Landrum, Ric Rader, Ron Robinson, Don Sakers, Ann Stephens, and June Swords.