Xix Crandor



Additional Information

Thomas presented this at a masquerade at Costume Con, the premier event of the International Costumers' Guild. He entered it in the category of "Re-Creation," which is for re-creations of costumes seen in movies, TV, paintings, etc.

One of the most time-honored guidelines in science-fiction costuming is "design for your body-type". Thomas likes to think of creative ways to break rules like this, and this may be his most spectacular effort in that direction. He thought of a well-known movie moment (admittedly not science-fiction) involving a sexy young man, and then designed a character who really shouldn't have tried to re-create it.

Here's how the presentation went:


"And now, from the Costumers' Guild's newest chapter on the planet Trymax Beta, we present Xix Crandor doing a re-creation of Tom Cruise from Risky Business."

The music started, and Thomas came on and did a spot-on mimicry of Tom Cruise dancing.

There was not a dry seat in the house.

Xix Crandor has reappeared in several other guises throughout the years. Below is a photo of Xix as a Jedi Knight being interviewed at the Washington DC preview of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. The Jedi robes are Thomas' Ben Kenobi outfit, and not his Qui-Gon Jinn.