Update on Frankenstein - 3/1/96

Frankenstein has been sick lately. He developed a wet tail and became very listless, a shadow of his former self. We gave him antibiotics and they seemed to help his tail, but the listlessness remained.

We decided that he was just getting older (he's two), and resigned ourself to losing him.

On Sunday, Feb. 25 he was cold and just barely breathing. But on Monday morning he was more active, and by Monday night was moving around.

Tuesday we took him to the vet. Dr. Ayanian said that he is not ready for old age yet, but he probably has some kind of infection. His temperature was down below normal.

On the Doctor's advice, we have been feeding Frankenstein honey, continuing the antibiotics, and keeping him warm with an electric radiator. We are also putting drops in his eyes.

Over the past few days Frankenstein has shown marked improvement, and as of last night his temperature was up and he was crawling around in his tubes quite happily.

Stay tuned for further information.

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