Frankenstein (11,994 - 11,996 H.E.)

Frankenstein was a golden hamster, Mesocricetus auratus, grey in color (shading to tan on his flanks during the summer).

Here's Frankenstein peeking out of his skyhouse.

On March 4, 11,996 H.E. Frankenstein, lying peacefully in the hands of Thomas and Don, fell asleep for the very last time. His passing was gentle and relatively quick. He was a little over two years old, which is about par for the course with hamsters. In that two years, he never knew a single unhappy day. He, in turn, gave us untold joy.

Frankenstein loved running on his wheels or in his hamster ball. He particularly liked Hamster Bowling, where we set up some toy bowling pins at one end of the hall, then Frankenstein (in his ball) ran into them and tried to knock them all down. He was almost always able to get a perfect score!

Frankenstein's very favorite food was carrot, although (of course) he enjoyed tortilla chips, sunflower seeds, and an occasional live cricket.

Every once in a while, Frankenstein managed to escape from his Castle. (This was before we discovered the principle of taping all skyhouses shut.) When he did escape, though, he always came running to us, to show us what he'd done, and while he was showing off, we were able to catch him and put him back into his Castle.

Frankenstein was succeeded by Grundoon.

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