Twiglet II (11,998 - 12,000 H.E.)

  Twiglet II came home with us on March 23, 11,998 H.E. Although the pictures make him look golden all over, he is actually calico; he has the most delicate shadings of black, grey, gold, and white. (Yes, the sign does actually say "The Twiglet Zone.")

Twiglet was very skittish for his first year, and didn't like to come out of his Castle. Since we kept adding modules on, that was just fine with Twiglet.

Unlike our other hamsters, Twiglet did not have just one nesting area in the Castle. Rather, he moved from one nest to another as the mood took him, sometimes establishing a brand-new nesting area on a whim.

Once he matured, though, Twiglet grew to love coming out of the castle onto his uncles' hands. He played the Hamster Hand Game, crawled around the kitchen counter stalking the wild lettuce, and in general had a wonderful time.

 His favorite place to play, by far, was the sofa.

Here is Twiglet on the prowl: "There has to be some food around here somewhere."



Aha! He finds something! There's a piece of paper inside; it says:
"You will find and pouch a giagntic fortune cookie."

 "Just . . . one . . . more. . . push . . . "


Several times, Twiglet escaped from the Castle and worried us quite a bit. We could not see any trace of him, and he didn't respond to the old "food in the middle of the floor" trick. At one point, Thomas was sure he heard Twig in the walls of the house -- the scratching sound was much more solid than the occasional mouse, and seemed to respond when Thomas called Twiglet's name. The first time, we were in a panic, but Twig was smarter than we gave him credit for. At about four in the morning, as Thomas was surfing the web, the little hamster suddenly appeared, scampered to the middle of the floor, and stood there as if to say, "Okay, I've had my adventure, I'm ready to go back now." Then he crawled into Thomas' hand and docilely went back into his Castle.

Two more times he ecaped, and each time it was the same -- he had his adventure, and then came back when he was done.

Twiglet lived a long and happy life. He passed away in late summer of 12,000 H.E., and (after a while in the freezer) was laid to rest in the Pet Cemetary here at Meerkat Meade.

Twiglet II was succeeded by Meldrick.

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