The Galaxy in 2633 CE

Credix was taken over by the d'Herelle Family shortly after the fall of the Terran Empire. Immediately the Lutkens of Phuctra began to fight with Credix (now known as the Credixian Imperium). This ended any hope of re-uniting the Empire under one ruler.

From Teleskany the Adelhardts fought both the Patalanian Union and nearby Borshall/New Sardinia. It seems quite apparent that the Teleskan Adelhardts dreamt of going back to the days of the Leonovs and Carrolls, with the Adelhardts as the new royal family.

The Adelhardts closer to Sol took over Mazelt, but their ambitions were smaller -- they only wanted to hold onto what they had.

The Lutkens took Bosip, and the lines between Bosip and Neordan, as well as Neordan and Phuctra, became the scene of constant battles.

The Tattersalls continued to govern Geled in the traditions of the Empire.

The Castiligonis, who had been driven out of Borshall/New Sardinia by the Chens, became a force to be reckoned with when they took over Kertora.

Odonia continued to spread. Lathyros split into two states, Lathyros and Gotlan, during a civil war over succession.

Escen, Dovan, Zinnberg, Kellia, and Elendan all held onto some semblance of unity and civilization, despite the fact that all minor duchies were wracked with civil wars and internal conflicts during this period.

Deletia declared itself capital of the Deletian Monarchy. And the Duchy of Mel gained independence from the Patalanian Union, with aid from Credix.


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