Ceres is in the main Asteroid Belt of the (Terran) Solar System. It orbits Sol at a mean distance of 413.9 million km (


Distance from Star (A.U):  2.77
(million km):  413.9
Revolution (Terran years):  4.6
Diameter (km):  914
Albedo (Terra = 0.39):  0.10
Surface Gravity (Terra = 1):  0.035
Length of Day (hours): 0.00 sidereal


Founded:  c. 2050
Social Characteristics:  


The first settlements on Ceres were astronomical observatories and scientific bases. Using fusion drives, Ceres' native rotation of about 9 hours was reduced to 0.00 sidereal -- that is, Ceres remains motionless with respect to the fixed stars.

In time, support facilities grew up into a small town, then several, and by 2100 CE Ceres had a native population of several hundred thousand. For a time, Ceres was a popular tax-free haven for the wealthy; tax reform in 2123 finally brought Ceres the same status as the rest of the Solar System. Still, Ceres remained the home of several of the System's wealthiest individuals.

With the coming of the Empire in 2153 CE, Ceres became, like the rest of the Solar System, a mere appendage to Terra.

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