Circe Mater


  1. Grand Primate (elected by Kollegum Eklestum)
  2. Prelates (about 200, comprise Kollegum Eklestum)
  3. Radisters (about 3,000)
  4. Kaerdikters (about 50,000)
  5. Major Alphitates (about 300,000)
  6. Minor Alphitates (about 300,000)
  7. Eskatrins (about 1 million)
  8. Akdekoi (about 1 billion)

Lorecanism in the Second Empire bears little resemblence to the Credixian movement from which it is descended. The Grand Primate of Circe Mater, the Kollegum Eklestum which elects and advises him, and the Aesir-plus computer which administers the Church's long-range goals: these are the three bodies which speak ex cathedra from the Sacred Bench.

Behind Circe Mater is House d'Herelle, whose members form a fair number of Prelates, and who advise on Church policy. Also, the Hoister Family S-Group monitors Circe Mater -- Steve Hoister in his role of Kaal Celebrative maintains a sealed-beam link to the Grand Primate's inner office. The Emperor is also given a certain advisory power, and can veto proposed actions of Circe Mater (but in true Second Empire mania for checks-and-balances, a 3/4 vote of Kollegum Eklestum can override that veto and refer the matter to Konfederum Galacta for a final decision.)

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