The Council of Escen

By 5350 CE, the expanding Natalese Confederation had encountered the Duchy of Geled. (map)

In 5372, war broke out between the two, a war which continued until 5408 CE. (map)

The Geled-Natal War caused economic disruption throughout the region, particularly affecting the Independent Traders. When the Independent Trade Ship Keala-ka's was caught in crossfire and destroyed (although the crew survived), the Traders had had enough.

A peace conference was held on Escen (10 - 24 Ahktyahbr 5408 CE); when the Council of Escen was over, the disputed territory was made into the Free Territory of Cisnatal, with its capital at Tep Kecor. Cisnatal provided a much-needed buffer zone between Geled and Natal. (map)

Cisnatal, however, did not last. In the long economic depression that followed the war (5408 - 5460 CE), Cisnatal slowly dissolved. By 5440 there was little left of the Free Territory. (map) Both Geled and Natal were so weakened by the war that neither tried to claim the contentious territory; the peace held through the dissolution of Natal c. 6000 CE.

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