The Elder Gods

The Order of Their Withdrawal


  1. Tesh
  2. Dscmash, Dgevven, Tala
  3. Kamiin
  4. Melior

At the Founding of the Pylistroph:

  1. Maela, Naalor, Edde

At the Formation of the Gergathan:

  1. Kyylev, Raca, Formas, Nimbet, Ganellan, Kchenyak, Kristen (conjectured)

During the Pylistroph:

  1. Tha'p

During Mertorthar:

  1. Ellan, Yx
  2. Hesket
  3. Naervara

At the Fall of Avethell:

  1. Den

Near the Climax of the Grand Scheme:

  1. Timash, Jaseni, Maranna
  2. Ka, Kristen

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