Upon the extinction of the Schmidt Family, Imperial Law and Custom demanded that a new representative be found. The Hoisters (themselves the legitimate heirs of the Schmidt Family) proposed a most unusual settlement, which was adopted under Jef Leonov's reign: a family of Heloxans, the r'Tapitk tribe, was designated as the new Schmidt Family.

After their discovery c. 2100, the Heloxans were moved to another world -- this this time they numbered about 3000. The Hoisters oversaw their development, taught them and meddled with their genes. By TE 200 the Heloxans were recognized as an intelligent race, and by 250 their world was granted Protectorate status. The r'Tapitk line in particular was nurtured by the Hoisters, and after TE 335 a Hoister task force made up of Ian, Nicole, Quinn, June and Leona undertook the training of one-year-old Balerat r'Tapitk for the position of Lord Schmidt. Balerat was officially adopted by Ian, the reigning Lord Schmidt, and on the day of his majority in TE 361 Balerat became Balerat r'Tapitk Lord Schmidt and his family the Schmidt Family.


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