The Hoister Family is at the nexus of a Galactic society that includes Wakmarrel, various other planets and settlements, and many individuals and communities throughout the Empire. It does not have a name; if it did, the participants would probably refer to themselves as "freethinkers" or some equivalent.

It is a society without rules, but with customs; it is based on individuality, ability, and as much anarchy as the Empire can stand. It has info networks, databanks, and includes some members of the Invisible Network. There is no center and no central authority, not even Wakmarrel. In fact, the movement is actively against authority in any form.

History will show that this movement outlasted the Empire, but dissolved soon after the collapse of communications and the decline of culture. It lingered in Credix and Geled until governments became too repressive; on Borshall/New Sardinia and Phuctra the movement lasted, grew, and evolved throughout the Interregnum.

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