The Hlutr Inner Voice

Some Notes by Yves Hoister

The Inner Voice of the Hlutr is a method of long-distance mental communication, yet it is not telepathy in the way that we understand telepathy. If standard telepathy is a single voice carried over a taut, vibrating string, then the Inner Voice is more like a whole symphony carried on the wind.

Standard telepathy is a mind-to-mind phenomenon. Yes, a skilled telepath can "broadcast" to many minds at once, or "eavesdrop" on any telepathic exchange; and the emotions of a telepath in distress can be felt by others attuned to him/her. But by and large, telepathy is a low-bandwidth, single-channel phenomenon. [For technical details, see The Physics of Psi by Yvonne Hoister et al, Natekla Institute Press, 22,604.]

The Inner Voice, contrariwise, is a high-bandwidth, multi-channel, multi-participant phenomenon. It propogates, as it were, into a shared information space. The Inner Voice, which is most often metaphorized as music, carries not just linear voice but emotional resonances, sensory impressions, multi-layered memory, and unconscious thoughts. There is an element of persistance in the Inner Voice: we have reports of "echoes" that continue for lifetimes.

We also know that the Inner Voice is a distinct phenomenon from telepathy, because there is no correlation between telepathic ability and the ability to sense the Inner Voice. Many accomplished Human telepaths have cannot detect the Inner Voice; some Humans who are extremely sensitive to the Inner Voice are telepathically deaf.

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