The Kala Phenkae

The Hoister Family Genetic Program was not the only project undertaken by the Genetic Board. There was another, begun and maintained in near-total secrecy.

The Genetic Board searched among individuals in the Empire, searching for unique gene configurations. As their records were kept locked in a memory bank in Brynhilde and later successors, we have no idea what they were searching for, other than clues that we gather from their results.

Over the years, various Noble Families conducted programs of genetic enhancement, most notably the Kuchta Family under Sten Kuchta (TE 123-237). By 252, many of the veterans of these programs had joined the ongoing program of the Genetic Board. In 252, under the sponsorship of the Kristeller Family, the program settled in permanent headquarters on the planet Obron.

By TE 320, they had two hundred six distinct bloodlines set up on about four hundred planets; thus, the program was popularly referred to as "the Two Hundred Six." During the Interrregnum, the program was known as The Kala Phenkae, supposedly from "Cealla Faenke" ("Two Hundred Six" in native Heloxan). The Kala Phenkae included House Adelhardt, Carroll, Loewenger, and others, as well as many non-Noble families.

The Kala Phenkae fell under the direction of House Kristeller on Obron, and over the millennia the bloodlines were kept reasonably pure. During this time, the Kala Phenkae were one of the few influences that remained Galactic in scope, although communications difficulties and political circumstances often limited the program's effectiveness.

During the Second Empire, The Kala Phenkae mission was revealed: the program was aimed at producing individuals with high Schiller-Hertzfeld scores. Toward the end of the Second Empire, the program succeeded spectacularly, if perhaps not exactly as its creators had anticipated.


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