Bearing from Terra
(relative to Core) (degrees):
Distance from Terra:  
Other location data: Near Borshall/New Sardinia; strategically placed near major shipping lanes between Patala and the Transgeled.


Total Irradiation (Terra = 1):  2.79
Distance from Star (A.U):  0.42
(million km):  62.4
Revolution (Terran years):  0.61
(Terran days):  222.97
(Local days):  168.082306
Diameter (Terra = 1):  1.32
(km):  16,881
Mass (Terra = 1):  
Density (g/cc):  
(Terra = 1):  
Surface Gravity (Terra = 1):  1.595
Length of Day (hours):  31.83745
Orbital Inclination (degrees):  
Moons    0
Other   Karphos is conjectured to be a former satellite of planet #2, Badhos.


Primary:  Mu Venarum
Spectral Class:  K
Mass:  0.6643 Sol
Luminosity:  0.1105 Sol

 Rotational Period:

 20.62 hours

Planet Name Mass (Terra = 1) Distance Diameter General
1 Karphos 1.1 1.2 AU 0.94 Terra Habitable
2 Badhos 7 AU bled Jovian
3 Trenhos 11 AU Super-Jovian (slightly bled)
4 Kilhos 17 AU Super-Jovian
5 Rithos 31 AU Jovian



Founded:  TE 40
Social Characteristics:  


Primarily a mining center (mining the solar wind of the unstable star) and company planet of the Karphos Corporation, Karphos was a convenient layover on main shipping lanes to and from Patala. Tourism and gambling were secondary industries.

In TE 361, Patalanian Union forces met Terran Empire forces near Karphos. The battle was a ringing defeat for the Empire, and greatly extended the Union's boundaries. (Map: Expansion of the Patalanian Union) Karphos itself was ruined and depopulated.

c. 7600 CE, a mountain city called Corella existed on Karphos.

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