from Across the Hegemony, Fyeevahr 26, 2437 Hegemonic Date; transmitted by Tatiavionna News Service, Silchar, Escen.

Sten Koleno

Foreign Secretary Extraordinaire

 STEN KOLENO loves his job, his family, and the Escen Hegemony . . . not nececcsarily in that order.

Koleno, 51, comes from an old Escen family with a tradition of government service. His great-great grandmother, Bohdana Koleno, served as Prime Minister from 2299 to 2321, and there have been Kolenos in the Hegemony's government since the very beginning.

Sten, who holds advanced degrees from Moulmein Interstellar University's School of Government in Mathematical Sociology and Comparative Economics, was named Foreign Secretary in 2434. His accomplishments in the position have been stellar, including the Non-Intrusion Treaty with Geled and several agreements for cross-cultural exchange with the Independent Traders and four other major Galactic states.

Koleno received the Distinguished Service Award, the Hegemony's highest honor. The government of Odegaard awarded him the Knight Commanders Cross for his role in developing Hegemony strategy toward Dovanian splinter states.

Prior to assuming his current post, Koleno was Under Secretary of Economics in the Sudarijo Administration. He served as the lead Hegemony official in negotiations on the Sagittarius Arm Free Trade Agreement and the creation and launch of the Sagittarius Economic Cooperation Group.

From 2411 to 2416, Koleno served at the Department of Nonhuman Affairs in various positions, including Counselor to Secretary Corobaji, Executive Secretary of the Department, and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Alien Institutions Policy. Koleno received the Hedeon Dusya Award, the Department of Nonhuman Affairs' highest honor.

Despite his impressive credentials and evident dedication to his job, there is another side to Sten Koleno -- the devoted spouse and father.

Sten and Emele Koleno were espoused in 2430. Emele held the Yurik Nyunt Chair in Political Studies at Arakan University until she retired to become Sten's chief assistant in 2434. The couple had their first child, Fenelia, in Syeentyahbr.

When he is not at work or caring for Fenelia, Sten relaxes by playing the guitar. For a time, he joined with Secretary of Transportation Tasenka and Resource Secretary Perla in charity performances as "The Singing Secretaries;' since Fenelia's arrival, however, he has not been able to devote time to the group.

Have the responsibilities of parenthood slowed Sten down any? We caught up to him at his office in the Hegemonic Palace, and here's what he had to say: "Since Fenelia was born, we've been to sixteen interstellar conferences on twelve planets. I expect that she'll have visited most of the worlds of the Hegemony by the time she's two." He sighs. "But yes, Emele and I are trying to arrange things so we don't have to leave Escen so much, or at least not for days at a time. My staff has been fantastic."

And are there prospects for any other children? Sten Koleno laughs. "Maybe when Fenelia's ten or so, we'll consider submitting an application. Right now, we have enough on our boards just keeping up with her."


Sten Koleno, pictured here with his daughter Fenelia,
who was born last Syeentyahbr.

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