Margaret Kuchta

b. 29 May 451
d. 6 February 470

469 - 470: Empress of the Terran Empire

Middle child of Empress Catherine Carroll and David Kuchta. Margaret, like her siblings, was raised primarily by her father and the extreme members of the Hawk party, which favored all-out war with the Patalanian Union.

Margaret was a mild-mannered child who was totally devoted to her younger brother, Conrad. It was never expected that she would inherit the Throne. She was 8 years old when her mother became Empress, and her chief preoccupation during Catherine's reign was trying to shield Conrad from the influence of the extreme Hawks. As she grew, Margaret came to resent her mother for bringing her and Conrad into the center of the political maelstrom.

Margaret was 15 when her older brother John ascended to the Throne and she was named Imperial Heir. She watched in horror as the tragedy of John's short reign played itself out. She passed her adulthood tests immediately after John's ascension, and several times in the next year she attempted to flee the Palace, with or without Conrad in tow.

In January 469, John died and Margaret found herself Empress. It was made plain to her, though, that she was only a figurehead -- the real powers behind the Throne were her father, David Kuchta, the other extreme Hawks, and -- surprisingly -- her brother Conrad, who revealed a real interest and aptitude for government.

As the Empire's death-sprial continued, Margaret turned more and more to Conrad to find comfort. At last, after a year and seven days on the Throne, Margaret was found dead in bed on the morning of 6 February 470. A container of poison was found on her nightstand, and the story was put out that Empress Margaret had killed herself in despair.

Margaret was succeeded by her brother, Conrad Kuchta.

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