(First) Imperial Act of Non-Exploitation

The Imperial Act of Nonexploitation was passed in TE 123, five years after the discovery of the Kien Khwei, and was required by the Kien Khwei as a condition of opening the Kao Li trading hegemony for Imperial trade.

Major provisions of the Act included:

  1. Guaranteed native government.
  2. Minimal Imperial contact unless specifically requested.
  3. Native government to decide on all use of profits accruing from trade with the Empire.
  4. Human colony members and descendants agree to peacably and permanently vacate planet if ordered by (a) native government, or (b) Imperial government.
  5. If provision (4) is not followed, Imperial Navy will enforce it at request of native government.
  6. All natives eternally and irrevocably granted the full rights due to all Human Imperial citizens, excluding right of Galactic franchise. Any conflct between rights of Human colonists and natives will automatically be decided in favor of natives. Only an Imperial Court of Inquiry will be empowered to reverse this decision.
  7. When possible, all Colonial matters (excluding contact with Empire) will be conducted in or translated into native language whenever natives are present; native language is strongly encouraged for colonist use at all other times.
  8. All questions of natives to be answered truthfully and completely, except for matters involving Imperial Security.

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