Social Register

The Social Register is the Terran Empire's answer to an age-old problem. It is a program that fits into a compterm, and helps to allow social engagements to be made and broken.

One gains entry to the Social Register's databank by invitation only. A psych-preference profile is updated as often as the patron wishes, for a flat fee. Profiles are reduced to code strings.

When instructed, the Social Register contacts various planetary or regional nets, broadcasting the patron's code string. Matches are made, and patron gets a list of possible social events...including direct invitations. If one is holding an event, one can use the Register's flexibility to select for possible guests, to invite specific guests from a possible list, or any of a number of other routines.

The Register also advises of potential conflicts, accepts coding of priorities, makes cancellations and regrets, and comes up with airtight last-minute excuses.

The commonest use for the Register, upon hitting a new area, is to answer these questions: "Is anyone I know here? Is anyone interesting here? What can I do tonight?" It can also prepare a sort of Social Profile of a city/planet/system, so one can tell whether or not to remain.

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