Robot doctor. Primitive autodoctors were in use from c. 2050 CE, but sophisticated autonomous models did not become common until the 2130s.


Autoservant (also "serv")
Non-human robot servant, in use from c. 2100 CE.
Basse's Law
Mathematical relationship that governs operation of tachyon vesicles in a stardrive unit.
Borshallan Artificial Intelligences
From c. TE 75, manufacturers of sapient computers which closely mimicked Human thought processes. During the First Terran Empire and Interregnum, Borshallan Artificial Intelligences produced a series of increasingly-sophisticated sapient computers.
Cairo Fever
Virulent disease which emerged in Africa c. 2005 CE. Sporadic outbreaks continued in the 2100s CE.
Personal communications unit, in use from c. 2050 CE.
Compterm (also "term")
Personal, portable computer terminal. In use from c. 2000 CE.
Device for exchange of money in First Terran Empire.
tachyon vesicles, the Ultrawave Effect, and Tachyon Drive technology

In use from the late days of the Pylistroph (by nonhumans) and from 2068 CE (by Humans).
Dekoa Flu
Virulent disease which emerged in 2016 CE, and continued sporadic outbreaks well into the 2100s.
Zero-gravity shaft used as an elevator, in use from c. 2100 CE.
Building material of the First Terran Empire.
Device which synthesizes foodstuffs from raw organic compounds, in use from c. 2150 CE on.
Kabinda Virus
Virulent disease. First pandemic 2012 - 2014 CE. Later localized outbreaks.
LAser Detection And Ranging -- a navigational instrument, in use from c. 2020 CE.
Laser knife
Tool (similar in form and function to pocketknife) carried by Humans from c. 2100 CE. A laser knife could be adjusted (dialled) to control the dispersion/focus of the beam, intensity, depth of cut, etc.
Millennial Flu
An influenza-like virus, very dangerous. First pandemic c. 2000 CE, with sporadic outbreaks and an averted pandemic in 2042 CE.
(c. 2013 CE) First of a new generation of "benign antivirals," designed to be effective against a suite of viruses. Removed from production & distribution following a worldwide spate of birth defects in 2014 CE.
Section of a door which responds to touch (equivalent of doorknob.) Can be set to respond to only particular palmprints. Palmplates began to replace doorknobs c. 2020 CE, especially beyond Earth.
Quite Enormous Array (QEA)
Galaxy-sized astronomical instrument constructed during the Second Terran Empire.
Instrument which views the outside universe from tachyon phase. Based on a refinement of the Ultrawave Effect.


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