Terran Space Settlements

Beginning in the 2040s, with the advent of fusion power, Terra began to place space settlements at the Terra/Luna Trojan Points. The first of these were named L4 and L5, respectively, after the Lagrange Points they occupied.

Above: The L4 Space Settlement c. 2050 CE

Above: The L5 Space Settlement c. 2050 CE

Below: Interior view of L5 c. 2050 CE

As time passed, more settlements were constructed. By 2068 CE, for example, it was estimated that over 8,000 settlements were available for habitation. Roughly a tenth of these were in Earthspace, five percent in Marsspace, and the rest in the asteroid belt or further into the outer solar system.

Additional settlements in the Trojan Points were named L6, L7, L8, etc. Not just numbers were used: settlements were named LA, LB, LC, etc. -- and when letters gave out, even punctuation symbols were pressed into use. (One of the largest and most influential of the early settlements was the Schmidt Foundation's L%.) After this, settlements continued to be named with the initial L, leading to a large number of ludicrous results (including Settlement #5295, Ludicrous Land) as well as vast confusion.

Fortunately, with the advent of interstellar travel many settlements were converted to colonization vessels, and in the process given new names.

Above: A collection of settlements near Terra's L5 point, c. 2075 CE

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