The Rise of Culture in the First Human Galactic Interregnum

by Maarten Travesh, Galactic Rider, published c. 26,500 H.E. from Nephestal

Successor to Mal Arin's The Fall of the First Terran Empire, written on Nephestal with the assistance of some of the same databases and AIs that aided Mal Arin, as well as the vast resources of the Trnas clan. The Rise of Culture, at 274.3 gigabytes, is the standard work on Human history.

The Rise of Culture completed Mal Arin's thesis by demonstrating how a set of non-Imperial states grew up during the Interregnum, states which were more efficient and culturally superior to the First Empire -- and how the development of these states without Terran influence led inevitably to the foundation of the mature Second Empire. Travesh was the first (Human) to point out that Spacer societies had selected for Humans who were able to control their native aggression, thus improving the breed.

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