The Wakmarrel School

Founded on Promethia c. 2101 CE as a successor to the William and Katharine Marrel Academy, the Wakmarrel School's severe discipline and rigorous training procedures were designed for one purpose: to teach its students how to think, clearly and consistently. Surprisingly, the School seems to have succeeded.

In TE 3 (2156 CE), the School moved to a newfound planet which they christened Wakmarrel, and apparently dropped out of contact with the rest of the Galaxy. In TE 64, the Empire recontacted Wakmarrel, and the planet became part of the Empire. By then, the School was composed of well-trained, clear-thinking adepts from many different worlds, and their influence was felt throughout the Empire.

Advanced Wakmarrel School adepts continued the work that had led to the School's establishment, until one of the School's primary purposes was research into the nature of thought and the establishment of new and better methods of thought.

The Wakmarrel School discovered (or created?) a state of awareness called obdumat. Obdumat, or multiplex awareness, is a state in which the mind can comprehend various levels of reality simultaneously. More complex than simple multi-tracking, obdumat can be taught; the School insisted that if enough people in the Galaxy learned and used obdumat awareness, most social problems would disappear.

Naturally, Wakmarrel adepts (in their signature green capes) played an important role in Galactic society, with their subtle problem-solving techniques and their reasoning that resembled intuition. The services of a Wakmarrel adept cost greatly, but were more than worth the price.

After the fall of the Empire, the Wakmarrel School lasted until about 2850 CE, when the planet itself was conquered. Some of the School's literature and teachings survived, though, to ultimately provide one source for the teachings of Lorecanism.

A Wakmarrel School adept, Sanjay Resklich, worked with Brynhilde and the Hoister Family Genetic Board to set up the guidelines for the rearing of the Hoister Eighth Generation. He spent much time on Helox helping to raise and train the children.

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