Meerkat Meade Holiday Letters

Every year since...well, since before there was Meerkat Meade...we've sent out an amusing holiday letter. Each year has been something different, some more bizarre than others. Folks tell us that they look forward to our letters every year.

Now, through the twin magics of the Internet and Mac OSX, we are able to present our archives of past Holiday Letters.

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All of these are PDF files, so if your browser doesn't display them, get Acrobat Reader or (better still) get a Mac.

(All files copyright (c) 2006, Don Sakers, all rights reserved. If you spread these around, and we know you will, please let folks know where they came from. Thanks.)

The Letters

1990: The One with the Good Year

1991: The One with the Terrible Year

1992: The One with All the Apologies

1993: The Epic Fantasy One

1994: The One with Our Plans for Next Year

1995: The One from the Pigeon Sisters

1996: The One from the Archaeologist

1997: The One with All the Self-Improvement

1998: The One with All the Stuff Crossed Out

1999: The One from the Hamster

2000: The One from the Year Two Thousand

2001: The NPR One

2002: The One from the Ivory Madonna

2003: The TV Guide One

2004: The One with the Fold-In

2005: The One That's a Game Board