Atkinson Coat of Arms



Additional Information

Thomas' father, Captain Bill Atkinson, was a genealogist of considerable ability. He was unable to link the family to any of the established Atkinson coats of arms. So, in his capacity as Lord of North Benfleet, he designed a new coat and registered it with the appropriate officials in England.

The actual coat appears below, and Thomas' costume interpretation to the right.

Thomas was wearing this costume at a Darkover Grand Council, when a passing fan stopped him, held him at arms' length, and said, "Ooo, let me blazon you." She then reeled off the correct blazon (description) of the arms.

If you're curious, the complete blazon, quoted from the original grant, appears below.



The Atkinson Arms

Ermine, on a fesse between in chief two eagles displayed and in base a lion rampant azure an ancient Viking longship the sail set or, with the Crest, A wyvern azure charged on the wing with a fleur-de-lys and supporting a fouled anchor in bend gold.