Orange Flight Suit/X-Wing Pilot



Additional Information

Greetings! I'm Thomas, writing in first person. Welcome to my X-Wing Pilot page. I combined my flight suit experience with my re-creation abilities to make this replica of an X-Wing Pilot's outfit from Star Wars.

The "life support" chest box was made as a surprise gift by Tom Sommerville.

I began a systematic upgrade to this costume in 2006. I made a new orange flightsuit, more like the ones worn in Star Wars, replaced the chest box (sorry, Tom) and ejection straps, and continue to fuss over tiny details. The second photo was taken in May of 2007 at Star Wars Celebration IV.

I may expand this page in the future for the benefit of others who would like to re-create this costume. But my experience with Strapworks was so good that I have to provide the link right now. My new ejection straps are their 2-inch wide light-duty polypropylene in silver-grey.

I found out about Strapworks via Alderaan Base, whose X-Wing Pilot tutorial pages are among the best I've seen.