Etiquette, Terminology, Symbolism, etc. Surrounding the Emperor

Titles/Forms of Address

Forms of address for the Imperial Family evolved only slowly. The Emperor/Empress was addressed as "Majesty" or "Highness." His/her mate/Companion was called the "Imperial Consort."

The children of an Emperor/Empress had no specific title. The designated heir was referred to as "Heir" or "Heir to the Empire." On those occasions when the succession was determined two generations in advance, the second heir was titled "Heir's Heir" or "Heir Presumptive."

The title "Heir" became more generic and used by other Noble Families, so that after about TE 400 it was proper to speak of the "Heir Imperial."

The "Emperor's/Empress' Hand" is the monarch's chief assistant.


The Imperial Throne was not automatically hereditary, but was granted specifically by the Imperial Council.

Thrones and Crowns

In outward form, all Imperial Crowns are the same. The Imperial Crown is based around Charlemagne's Crown, with an added whirlpool motif to represent the Galaxy.


The Empire's flagship, which is also the Emperor's personal starship, is the Imperial Eagle. It is shaped like a great eagle.

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