Imperial Succession


The Imperial Throne was never really hereditary. In fact, by law each Emperor/Empress nominated his/her own successor, who was then approved by the Imperial Council. Each new Emperor, however, was confirmed by a vote of the Council before taking office, so the potential (at least) existed for the Council to name its own choice.

Notes from the Diagram

  1. Judy Kuchta was Cathie Kuchta's first choice for successor; however, Judy refused the Throne in TE 275, so it passed to Cathie's son, Philip Lütken.
  2. Joan Fodon refused the Throne in TE 302, following the death of her mother, Ellen Fodon. The Throne passed to Ellen's brother Dirk Fodon, with great conqequences for the Empire.
  3. Alex Leonov, Sr. (aka Alex Major) filed a refusal of the Throne in TE 321; it therefore passed to his son, Alex Leonov (aka Alex Minor).
  4. Edward Tattersall acted as Regent for his daughter Mary Tattersall from TE 401-406.
  5. Conrad Kuchta abdicated the Throne in TE 471 without designating a successor. As rival claimants battled one another, the First Terran Empire disintegrated.

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