The Adelhardt/Schmidt Coalition

From about TE 320 - TE 360, the Schmidt and Adelhardt Families commanded a sizeable coalition in the Imperial Council. The Adelhardt/Schmidt Coalition was more fragile than the Carroll Coalition of the same period, and in many cases depended upon long-standing rivalries. After the Schmidt Foundation began to decline in influence under the Carroll Empresses, the Coalition dissolved, leaving its fragments to the Adelhardt Family.

The Adelhardt/Schmidt Coalition consisted of the following seats:


  1. Schmidt
  2. Schmidt Foundation
  3. Kristeller
  4. Teleskan Cluster
  5. Adelhardt
  6. Darvall
  7. Horlamus
  8. Rockwell Interstellar
  9. Dovan
  10. Bank of Luna
  11. IBM
  12. Lathyros
  13. Dovan Construction
  14. Hafen Starships

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