Lord Brin Lütken & Lady Catherine Leonov

Catherine Leonov (TE 112-219) served on the Imperial Council from TE 147 to TE 219. Brin Lütken (TE 118-219) served from TE 153 to TE 219. They fell in love and became the perfect storybook couple, capturing the hearts of the Empire. In TE 158 they married.

By about TE 165, Lord Brin & Lady Catherine were the most powerful members of the Imperial Council, Emperor and Empress in all but name.

Behind their public smiles and benevolence, Brin and Catherine were power-hungry, devious, and corrupt. They had their fingers in every pie in the Galaxy, including organized crime and rebellion against the Empire. They engineered the destruction of Cambolinee in TE 168.

In the latter part of their reign, Brin and Catherine waged bitter war against Maj Thovold and the Imperialists. They were the driving force behind the Engelbach Rebellion of TE 197, and the Tarantula Incident of TE 219.


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