The Gergathan's majordomo and right hand. Delger is a Talebba lifeform, and it directly participates in the thoughts of the Gergathan. Delger, however, retains considerable independence and autonomy, and acts as a mobile lieutenant for the Gergathan.

Delger's physical body has gone through thousands of generations of replacement; each Delger customarily bears a surname which is actually its Coruman serial number. For example, the Delger active during much of the Second Terran Empire was Delger Maisimnunter, or Delger 234612.

While individual Delgers have been persuaded to join the side of the Scattered Worlds, the Gergathan maintains a prototype Delger within its own substance, and can regenerate a new, improved model whenever necessary. Each new Delger learns from the mistakes of its ancestors.


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