Department of Colonization (DeptCol)

The Department of Colonization is the arm of the Terran Empire concerned with settling and administration of new colonies.

DeptCol uniforms are sky blue, with appropriate insigniae.



The Division of Colonial Regulation is responsibile for planetary government and interplanetary regulation for planets with the status of Colonies -- that is, planets which have yet to pay off the costs of settlement. (When settlement costs are paid off, a planet becomes an Imperial world in full standing, and planetary administration passes under the control of the Bureaucratic Corps.)


The Division of Colonial Supply is responsible for all matters of supply and trade between Colonies and the rest of the Empire. (When a planet becomes an Imperial World in full standing, trade passes under the control of the planetary government.)


Imperial Galactographic Survey
(with Grand Library)

Prospecting & Resource Exploitation

(with Department of Technology)

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