The Terran Grand Library

Located in Alexandria, Egypt, the Grand Library is the central repository of all information that is known to the Human race. In Imperial times, the Library's information was available from terminals all over the Galaxy; usually every house, office, and ship had the ability to link to the Library's databases.

After the First Empire's fall, the Library was maintained by dedicated Librarians, who continued to provide services across the Galaxy. As communications deteriorated and ultrawave relays began to fail, the Library's services were increasingly available in only restricted locations.

For example, about the year 4000 CE in the Credixian Imperium sphere of influence, Library services were available only at the Temple of Kowledge in the city Ciudad Telorba on the planet Telorbat. In 6484 CE, with the failure of Relay Alpha, the Library was cut off from all off-planet communications.

Copies of the Grand Library database were placed in various locations for safekeeping; the rediscovery of one of these data caches c. 7600 CE helped to quicken the momentum of the New Renaissance.

The Grand Library's database was eventually preserved as part of the knowledge base of Akademii de Savoire on the planet Ptyra in Second Empire times. It is also conjectured that a copy of the Grand Library database made its way to Nephestal.

Among other reponsibilities, the Grand Library oversaw the following:

The State of the Empire Report

The Imperial Galactographic Survey (with the Department of Colonization)

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