The Eldest Hlut

(The Venerable, The Eldest of All)

The Eldest Hlut broke soil on Paka Tel three billion years ago, before the Pylistroph. She was created by the Hlutr Elders as a new type of Hlut, with a vastly-exapnded lifespan and the promise to right the wrongs that they had witnessed.

During the Pylistroph, it was the Eldest Hlut (still a sapling) who argued for the Hlutr to send their spores into the Scattered Worlds, thus paving the way for the arrival of life.

With the birth of Mertorthar, the Eldest Hlut was one of the driving forces behind the Flight of the Daamin and Schism of the Hlutr. She accompanied the refugees, and established Her home in the Secluded Realm.

In the Secluded Realm the Eldest Hlut resides on an island-continent which is largely dominated by Her substance. She has countless trunks and offshoots all over the island, and the many other plants and Hlutr which occupy the island are, to some degree, part of Her as well.

Her island also contains a cemetary where honored heroes of the Scattered Worlds are buried, so that their atoms become part of Her.

The Eldest Hlut bears within herself one of the Singing Stones.

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