Marc Hoister (aka "Jack")

(Real name unknown)

Title(s): Waziri


Skin: Ebony
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 170 pounds
Colors: black, purple


Birthdate: unknown but conjectured to be about 1990 CE
Birthplace: unknown
Date of Death: 2043 CE
Place of Death: Kampala, Uganda, Umoja
Parents: unknown
Sibling(s): unknown
Children: unknown
Other Family:
Associated with: The Nexus

Biographical Outline:

The man known simply as "Jack" appeared on the scene in the mid-2010's CE. A brilliant hacker and charismatic preacher, he gained more power until, in 2025 CE, he killed and replaced the real Marc Hoister, taking over Marc's identity.

In 2029 he met Penylle Norton, and recognized in her a tool that he could use for his schemes.

In 2041-2, after much advance planning, he launched an intricate plan to force the wide-scale colonization of Mars by tricking the AIs into making Earth hostile to humans. His scheme was defeated by the Ivory Madonna, working with Damien Nshogoza and Penylle. He died soon after in a virtual reality, convinced to the end that his scheme had succeeded.


General: Extremely talented programmer; ruthless and cunning
Profession: Umoja Cultural Minister
Food, Drink:

Additional Information:

Appears in (story, book, etc): Dance For the Ivory Madonna

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