The Knights Economic

More or less with the establishment of the Tr#skan Trade Union (c. 4000 CE), the Knights Economic came into being as an order. At first, only the most successful traders were knighted by the Council Mercantile; as centuries passed the Knights Economic came to dominate the trading circles, and finally became synonymous with the traders. Knights Economic pass through rigorous training, and they are sworn to uphold high ethical and moral standards.

The Assembly of Knights is the judicial arm of the Knights Economic.

A Knight Economic is empowered to make deals and agreements binding on the Council Mercantile and the planet BDA Tr#ska. In a sense, a Knight Economic is BDA Tr#ska.

Each Knight Economic carries a Baton, attuned to his/her own biochemistry, which serves both to identify him/her, and to stitch him/her into the Trade Union's comm net.

The authority of a Knight Economic extends to choosing other Knights, subject to the approval of the Council Mercantile. Happily, such approval is seldom withheld.

A Knight Economic, of either gender, is addressed as "Sir (First Name)" or "Sir Knight." An apprentice Knight is referred to as either "Cadet (First Name)" or "Boy (First Name)" -- again regardless of gender.

On BDA Tr#ska, the Knight's Hallow preserves memory of all past Knights Economic.


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