BDA Tr#ska

(The # represents the local perversion of the middle vowel, and is quite impossible for non-Tr#skans to pronounce correctly. Tr#skans take great pride in correcting the pronunciation of others, even when the outsider's ear can detect no difference.)


Bearing from Terra
(relative to Core) (degrees):
Distance from Terra:  17 kpsc
Other location data:  


Total Irradiation (Terra = 1):  1.78
Distance from Star (A.U):  0.78
(million km):  116.98
Revolution (Terran years):  0.6959
(Terran days):  254.18
(Local days):  282.94
Diameter (Terra = 1):  0.87
(km):  12075.73
Mass (Terra = 1):  1.04
Density (g/cc):  6.74
(Terra = 1):  1.23
Surface Gravity (Terra = 1):  1.07
Length of Day (hours):  21.56
Orbital Inclination (degrees):  0.96
Moons    2


Primary:  Gamma Ranospelli
Spectral Class:  F
Mass:  1.08
Luminosity:  1.42


Name Distance
(million km)
(Terran days)
(Terran years)
Type Mass
(Terra = 1)
1 MPS M#rkavni 9.00 5.42 0.01 Rocky  2.69  1.03  15.06  1.54  0
2 RIS Kr#sne 15.75 12.55 0.03 Rocky  1.99  0.96  15.20  2.59  2
3 CTC St#pic 22.50 21.44 0.06 Rocky  0.04  0.12  17.48  5.96  0
4 STE Ros#via 35.99 43.38 0.12 Rocky  0.21  0.27  15.93  3.63  2
5  GBG Zap#tik  62.99  100.43  0.27  Marginally
 2.49  0.98  17.92  0.87  3
6  BDA Tr#ska  116.98  254.18  0.6959  Habitable  1.04  0.87  21.56  0.96  2



Founded: 2087 CE
Social Characteristics:  

Colonized in 2087 CE, BDA Tr#ska was for decades a dumping ground for Terra's criminals and involuntary deportees. A native microbe, Tergum caruleus, attacked settlers, turning them into blue-skinned Albinos and creating a physiological dependence to traces of cobalt in the soil. Because of this, Tr#skans were easily-identifiable anywhere in the Galaxy, and those who left BDA Tr#ska for any extended period of time had to take cobalt supplements.

In pre-Imperial days, when Terra was still considered nominal leader of the loose hegemony of human colonies, and when Cambolinee still trafficked with other human worlds (although its location was even then a well-kept secret), a delegation from BDA Tr#ska was attending a formal ball on Ibidem when delegates from Cambolinee, Terexta, and Promethia ridiculed the Tr#skans' skin and eye color. The population of BDA Tr#ska swore vendetta against the three worlds. After Terexta was attacked and all but destroyed (later to be rebuilt by the Empire), Promethia opted to pay reparations to the government of BDA Tr#ska. Promethia finished paying these reparations in 2461 CE, for a total of over 900 trillion Imperial Dollars. Cambolinee, apparently relying on its secret location as an ultimate defense, offered nothing to BDA Tr#ska, and from that point on, the people of BDA Tr#ska were determined to make Cambolinee suffer.

In TE 350, there was a schism in religious thought on BDA Tr#ska. Approx. 15,000 exiled Tr#skans settle on Dunsinane as guests of House Adelhardt. Tr#skans were shunned and eventually went to live in hidden villages out of the mainstream of Dunsinane society.

After the fall of the First Terran Empire, BDA Tr#ska became an important trading world. The Knights Economic, under the command of the Council Mercantile, ranged through Credixian and former Patalan territory, and became known as the shrewdest traders around. The loose economic hegemony was known as the Tr#skan Trade Union.

Naturally, BDA Tr#ska became rich, and just as naturally, her neighbors grew envious.

In 4624: Marella IV Kiadas took throne of Deletian Monarchy. She began to forcibly annex nearby planets. Warship technology on a high level was made available to all territories by Tr#skan Trade Union.
Feeding on fears that Tr#ska would expand its trade hegemony into a political state, Deletia (at the Council of Dusaan) persuaded Vermis, Vetret, Kertora, and Terexta to join in a Deletia-led Alliance to attack and destroy BDA Tr#ska.

4635: Destruction of BDA Tr#ska, collapse of the Tr#skan Trade Union.

The exiled Tr#skans never forgot their homeworld; the Knights Economic slowly built up their power and their wealth, and in 9743, BDA Tr#ska was resettled.

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