The Destruction of BDA Tr#ska

For 1800 years the world of BDA Tr#ska was the center of the Tr#skan Trade Union, and nearly a quarter of the Galaxy benefitted from the activities of the Knights Economic.

Unfortunately, success was a temptation to Tr#ska's powerful neighbors, the more so as the general economy of the sector fall while Tr#ska remained rich. When Marella IV Kiadas took the throne of the Deletian Monarchy in 4624 CE, she began forceful annexation of nearby planets. (Ironically, the Deletian Navy relied on high-level military technology that the Tr#skan Trade Union had made available following contact with the Grand Duchy of Elendan c. 4000 CE). She fed on fears that Tr#ska would expand its trade hegemony into a political state (fears that were no exactly unfounded, after the introduction [c. 4600 CE] of the family Nighnaiteyate into the Knights Economic). At the Council of Dusaan (12-15 Marz 4634 CE), Deletia persuaded Vermis, Vetret, Kertora, and Terexta to join in an alliance (formally known as the Deletian Entente) to attack and destroy BDA Tr#ska, and to partition the Trade Union (map).

Tr#skan refugees spread throughout the Galaxy in what is called the Tr#skan Exodus (map). A majority settled on planets with established Tr#skan trading communities: 36,000 on Kumphel, 30,000 on Leicsta in the Patalan Cluster, 20,000 on Javal, 13,000 on Tustan-Din, 10,000 in the Duchy of Mel. Lesser numbers went to other worlds: five thousand to Borshall, three thousand to R Staran, a thousand to New Sardinia, nine hundred to Telorbat, 300 to Elendan, 100 to Credix and another 100 to the Aetorian League, and about 50 to Geled. About 200 Tr#skan refugees are believed to have fled to the Ebettor culture in the Galactic Core, and about 500 seem to have joined the Galactic Riders.

Marella IV Kiadas was slain when her uneasy alliance broke up into bickering over Tr#skan loot. Her son, Chartelespin IV, tried vainly to rule -- but economic disruption and a war with Vermis and Vetret led to several attempted coups, and in fifteen years the Deletian Monarchy was conquered by a new dynasty from the semi-autonomous world Fey. The new territory was reorganized as the Post-Deletian Empire.

Two generations of Fey rulers, however, could not undo the damage caused by Marella IV Kiasdas and the destruction of BDA Tr#ska, and the area slipped into decline and economic stagnation.


From Patala and Environs During the Great Interregnum by Dainna tel Resta
Credix Press, 22,638 H.E.

copyright © 2003, Don Sakers
All rights reserved