Sten Kuchta

b. 10 April 123
d. 14 December 237

Sten Kuchta was the only son of Colin Kuchta (TE 94-197) and geneticist Vanessa Creale (TE 96-105). From his mother, he inherited a love for and a facility with genetics. He studied at the Universities of Glasgow and St. Petersburg, and emerged with Master's degrees in both theoretical genetics and genetic engineering.

At age 27, Sten Kuchta began his masterwork: a program of genetic enhancement of the Kuchta Family, designed to increase the Family's political power.

Sten's daughter Erika Kuchta (151-232) was the first product of the genetic enhancement program, an in vitro fusion of Sten's genes with those of Irinia Katusov, a charismatic and successful Admiral in the Imperial Navy. Other Kuchta cousins and collateral relatives also benefited from the program, but the most powerful enhancements were reserved for Sten's direct line of descent.

Erika's daughter Mandike Kuchta (177-290) was an enthusiastic supporter of Sten's program. Her own daughter, who became Empress Amy Kuchta, was fathered by mathematician Lisand Vasiliev, and was gifted with enhanced mathematical ability and pattern-formation.

Amy's three children by Robert Churchill (David, b. 224; Cathie, b. 227; and Judy, b. 231) were grown in vitro and raised by Mandike. Cathie's genes were combined with those of Imperial Council member Karl Lütken to produce Philip Lütken (b. 234).

Sten Kuchta died of old age in 237. His genetic enhancement program ended with his death, but the personnel and records were later incorporated into the Kala Phenkae.

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