Anna Leonov

Title(s): Empress (TE 347-360)


Skin: Mahogany
Hair: Black

Her Majesty waited in her garden. She was a tall woman with long black hair, now greying, and beautiful mahogany skin. A few autoservants clustered about her, bodyguards and secretaries, as she stood before a railing and regarded a two-meter waterfall.

"Solange, welcome." The Empress turned and offered her hand. Anna Leonov looked well -- that is, as well as she ever did. The job of an Empress was not an easy one, and although Anna's chronological age was on the low side of thirty, she had the body and face of a woman who had seen eight decades. (from The Light of Murdered Suns)


Birthdate: 24 August TE 326
Date of Death:
8 July TE 360
Place of Death:
Alex Leonov & Betty Sanceau
Sibling(s): Dana Leonov, Jef Leonov
Children: Laura Carroll
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Biographical Outline:

From the very beginning of her life, Anna Leonov was a political pawn.

About TE 333 things were going bad: the Patalanian Union was expanding and the Empire's economy was tightening under the war effort. Along with economic and political moves, Emperor Alex Leonov took very drastic measures to boost morale with both troops and the Civil Service. Jef refused to father a Carroll Heir, so Imperial biotechs did simple genetics and bred an in vitro daughter from 8-year-old Anna and 22-year-old Bob Carroll. This daughter, Laura Carroll, was born in 334 and hailed as Heir's Heir.

The succession of Laura Carroll was confirmed by the Imperial Council in the Succession Act of TE 348. However, a sizeable minority coalition favored Anna's sister Dana.

As a child Anna was gregarious and likeable, but as one biographer said, she became an adult at a very early age, and never had a chance to finish her childhood. She was devoted to her father, and through his reign supported him in everything. At the same time, Anna was also close to her brother Jef. When the two were in conflict, Anna tried to make peace; when Jef and Alex reconciled during the last years of Alex's life, Anna was pleased.

During Jef's reign, Anna acted as his chief deputy, and often went on diplomatic missions to the Provinces in order to keep key planets from defecting to the Patalanian Union. As a natural peacemaker, Anna wished that the war could be over as quickly as possible.

When she took the Throne in 347, Anna enacted reforms aimed at eliminating some of the inequities that had led the Patalanian Union to secede. She was helped by a strong economy; in her reign, the number of settled planets passed the 9750 mark. Although she was not able to eliminate taxation entirely, she was able to reduce taxes despite increases in the Imperial budget.

Anna's daughter and Heir, Laura Carroll, was a constant presence in the Palace throughout Anna's life. In one of her journals, Anna referred to Laura as "my daughter, my successor, my silent shadow, always there, always ready, always waiting." Since Laura had been raised primarily by Bob Carroll and Betty Sanceau, she and Anna were more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Anna suffered a long period of illness and physical decline, beginning about TE 352 and continuing to the end of her life. During this period, Laura stayed with Anna constantly, and a strong bond grew up between the two women. Although Laura was reticent and subdued, she developed a rapport with her mother and was able to assit Anna ably.

Anna died in her sleep in July 360.


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Appears in (story, book, etc): The Light of Murdered Suns

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