Hierarchy of Noble Families: First Terran Empire

First Rank

  1. Carroll
  2. LaVerne
  3. Chen
  4. deVigny
  5. Darvall
  6. Cippola
  7. d'Herelle
  8. Adelhardt
  9. Fodon
  10. Lutken
  11. Kuchta
  12. Engelbach
  13. Wuorio
  14. Tattersall
  15. Leonov
  16. Sanceau
  17. Jakobbsen
  18. Castiligoni
  19. Cepeda
  20. Stockard

Second Rank

  1. Churchill
  2. DiClementi
  3. Lowenger
  4. Kristeller
  5. Elendan
  6. Carcopino
  7. Vasiliev
  8. Cinq-Mars
  9. Chlad
  10. Owrutsky

Third Rank

  1. Schmidt
  2. Tsutomu
  3. Kasmanski
  4. von Mecklenberg
  5. Horlamus
  6. Hadley
  7. Tzomides
  8. McCaffrey
  9. Contenau
  10. Tsung Wu
  11. Danforth
  12. Lei

Inheritance of Noble names:

  1. Last survivor of Family always passes on Family name.
  2. Heir to a territory or position passes on Family name, unless last survivor takes precedence.
  3. Ranking Family name is passed on, unless last survivor or heir takes precedence.
  4. When Nobles and commoners breed, Family name can only be passed on by Imperial Council vote or rule of the Throne.

The honorifics "Lord" and "Lady" were originally given to Nobles who were also members of the Imperial Council, Provincial Governors, or Planetary Governors. By about TE 300, the titles were used almost indiscriminately for all members of Noble Families.

An ordinary Lord or Lady was referred to as "Lord Firstname Lastname", or "Lady Firstname"; a Provincial Governor was properly referred to as "Firstname Lord Lastname" or "Firstname Lady Lastname." A member of the Imperial Council was usually referred to as "Lady Firstname Lastname" or "Lord Lastname" even if the person would ordinarily not have a Noble title.

Thus, "Edward Lord Adelhardt" was a Provincial Governor; "Lord Hoister" was an Imperial Council member; and "Lady Jocelyn" was an ordinary, run-of-the-mill Noble.

Terran Cities Associated with Noble Families
Tokyo Carroll
New York LaVerne
Mexico City Chen
Osaka deVigny
London Darvall
Shanghai Cippola
Seoul d'Herelle
Los Angeles Adelhardt
Sao Paulo Fodon
Peking Lütken
Manila Engelbach
Rio de Janeiro Wuorio
Paris Tattersall
Buenos Aires Leonov
Calcutta Sanceau
Moskow Jakobbsen
Chicago Castiligoni
Karachi Cepeda
Bombay Stockard
San Francisco

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