Schiller-Hertzfeld Scale

Developed about 4300 CE in the Credixian Imperium, the Schiller-Hertzfeld scale measured a Human pseudo-psi ability that became known as Schiller-Hertzfeld Ability. The scale begins at 1; the highest recorded score was slightly over 1,125. Average scores across an entire Human population hovered in the 50-75 range.

Schiller-Hertzfeld Ability allows an individual to sense chaotic patterns and predict their outcome with fair accuracy. Someone with a Schiller-Hertzfeld score in excess of 750 would easily be able to watch a butterfly flap its wings and then predict major events that would ultimate take place as a consequence.

Schiller-Hertzfeld Ability is not true precognition, although its effects can be akin. The predicted events are more easily predicted when they deal with more people; the destruction of a planet or fall of an empire would be more easily foreseen than a wedding or the price of a stock.

High Schiller-Hertzfeld scores are often associated with mental disorders. Those who suffer so seem to be unable to close their minds to the consequences of simple actions taking place around them; the resulting strain can cause schizophrenia or total mental collapse. Wakmarrel training and, later, Lorecanist kedankat conditioning, can be of great help to these individuals.


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