Xavlar, Xehran, Xenia, & Xylia Hoister

(X. (Hoister) Schmidt(3) Reed(2) Gemmel(2) Alee)


Hair: Blond
Eyes: green-brown
Height: 191 cm
Weight: wispy
Other: trifamilial code: BDEGMMPPXY/XX
Blind from birth, the X-group is clairvoyant in four senses.

Heraldic symbol: Four intersecting circles


Birthdate: 30 October 2468 CE
Birthplace: Helox
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Parents: Martin & Beryl Hoister
Other Family: Hoister Eighth Generation
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Profession: Arts, humanities
Food, Drink:
Because the X-group were born blind, they ahve no real conception of sight. They do not "see" clairvoyantly; their clairvoyant experience is limited to senses other than sight. Eventually they learned (through telepathy) to experience light and sight, by then it was too late.

The X-group members can distinguish color, but they perceive it as testur, i.e. "green is fuzzy."

Only the Family Proper and a handful of others know of the X-Group's blindness. The Genetic Board found out in the first month of normal-rate gestation, and wanted to abort; they were overruled by both Brynhilde and Rik (who, at age 5, was quite a forceful child just in the prime of Wakmarrel School training.)

Xenia once wrote a "stirring sequence of poems dedicated to those from the Empire whom the Hoisters had claimed as their own." The images included "Jef Leonov's skin dark against Umar's own tan; Rik and his mentor Martin Adelhardt in twin space-black Imperial Navy uniforms; Vashon and the President of Borshallan Artificial Intelligences, a wonderful short woman with a mind like one of her computers. And Sanjay, of course, always Sanjay."

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Appears in (story, book, etc): Psichological Advantage, The Eighth Angel Trumpeted

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