Yvfrex is one of the Scattered Worlds. It is the innermost planet of an F-type star, and keeps one face permanently toward its sun. Two different inelligent races occupy Ymfrex. The Remra (Coruman for "night people") live on the dark side; their biochemistry consists of lipids in liquid hydrogen, at twenty to thirty degrees above Absolute Zero. The Gamremra ("day people") live on the day side, where temperatures are in excess of 400° C. -- they are composed of fluorocarbon and fluorosilicone protiens in liguid sulfur.

The two races, of course, are entirely separate and unable to meet one another -- yet they are aware of one another's existence, and communicate with each other (and the rest of the Scattered Worlds) through telepathic means.

Ymfrex is one of the few inhabited worlds in the Galaxy to have no native Hlutr population.

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