Twiglet I (January - March 11,998 H.E.)

Twiglet I was a cream-and-white Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus), and he loved running in the wheel. Sadly, Twiglet I is no longer with us.

On Monday, March 9, Twiglet developed Wet Tail -- a bacterial infection that sometimes strikes young hamsters. He was about six or seven weeks old. Although we did our best for him, he became lethargic and retreated to his nest. His condition declined all day Tuesday, March 10, and despite all our emergency measures of first aid, that poor young body simply did not have the strength to fight off the disease. By about 9 pm that evening, he was gone.

Twiglet I was buried in the Meerkat Meade Pet Cemetary with full honors, beside his cousins Grundoon and Frankenstein.

Twiglet I was succeeded by Twiglet II.

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