Second Empire Government


The Majesty <name>, King and Emperor: Imperator of the Credixian Imperium, Emperor of the Preinese Empire, Exarch of Neordan, Duke of Mel, Duke of Geled, Hegemon of Escen, Protector of Terra-Prime, King of Laxus, Lord of Man, Overlord of Odonia, Oligarch of Vermis, Master of New Sardinia, Sirdar of Kellia, Tetrarch of Tethys, Supreme Governor of Borshall, President of the Sedanten League,

(later added) Sovereign of Meisthai, Prime Minister of Fulmeni, Archduke of Elendan.


A set of advisors chosen by the Emperor, usually including the Imperial Consort, Nulli Secundus, the Supreme Admiral, a Legate from Circe Mater, representatives from Konfederum Galacta, Comitte de Okkonemee, and Akademii de Savoire, Ambassadors from the Free Peoples, the Hlutr, and the Aakad da'Estra, and perhaps the Heir Apparent.


The Emperor of the Second Empire gets the same deal as in the First Empire: memory-implantation of Imperial records. It aged the First Empire's ruler -- it kills five out of six claimants to the Second Imperial Throne. Natural selection.

Konfederum Galacta

Ruling body of the Second Empire, composed of the Noble Houses in congress assembled on Terra-Prime. The Vormen Konfedera, or Forms of Confederation, established Konfederum Galacta and the Empire.

Bureau de Ordnung Galacta/Konfederum Empartua (BOG/KE)

Investigative and police arm of the Empire, under the control of Nulli Secundus.

Komitte de Okkonemee/Konfederum Empartua (KO/KE)

Economic Committee, under the control of House Arciniegas.

Komitte k'Revista nov-Tekniitum/Konfederum Empartua (KRT/KE)

Committee to Review New Technologies, under the direction of Circe Mater, Nulli Secundus, and Akademii de Savoire.

Nulli Secundus

Representative to the Empire of the Created Intelligences.

Circe Mater

The "Mother Church" of Lorecanism, having its headquarters and main temple on Credix.

Kala Phenkae

The Two Hundred Six Bloodlines, having their headquarters on Obron near Credix.

Akademii de Savoire

Main research institute on the planet Ptyra. The High Academy is the decision-making body for Akademii de Savoire.

Navii Imperiale

Military arm of the Empire, under the direction of the Emperor through the Supreme Admiral.

Glypha al'Enzket

The "Sacred Band" of Navii Imperiale, consisting of lovers pleged to fight for one another and for the Emperor.

Aakad da'Estra

Further Information.

Civil Service

There is no organized Civil Service in the Empire, no standardized system of rank or pay scale. Each year the schools produce thousands of Kompentia (Competents). The Kompentia are recognized by the Empire's vast networks of comps, and offered work with whatever agency, group, or bureaucracy can best use their talents. The day-to-day business of a structure like House Altamira, for example, is run by the Kompentia; only in great emergencies or unforseen situations does the Noble hierarchy actually make decisions. And then, tradition usually ensures that their decisions are as conservative as possible.

In the Second Empire we had to build the potentially-strongest government ever seen . . . and we had to make sure it would be both effective and non-repressive. So we complicated it to the point that no one group had the power to move without the approval of at least three others. This served the purpose of paralyzing any attempts to misuse power in a web of conflicting interests. Then we made sure that there was a system for choosing the most competent individuals for civil service. We grafted the most competent Civil Service ever seen onto the tangled web of the official government, and then trusted our competents to get things done.

-Steve Hoister, Memoirs

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